Believer (相信)

After we accept Christ in our lives (Yay~~), what’s next? You’ve just entered a new world God has prepared for you. Will you stand by the door and look around or will you start walking into the new world and start exploring? Baptism is not the end but the beginning to a new life. Sadly, many people stop learning about God after they are baptized. ROOTS wants to encourage you to grow in Christ and walk in Christ.

We hope that the twelve letters for new Christians will help you understand what being a Christian means and will help you grow as a spiritual infant. Chose whatever pace that you’re comfortable with. Perhaps reading one letter per week or even discussing it with your friends! If you come across anything that doesn’t quite make sense to you or have some questions we haven’t addressed in these twelve letters, feel free to email us!

Once you’ve been saved, we’re sure you want to grow as a Christian and become more like Jesus. Since Jesus is our Teacher as well as Saviour, he’s the best one to teach us about life.  In this section, we have included a series of stories Jesus told in hope that they will help you know God better and become a stronger Christian.

Twelve Letters for New Christians (Web) Stories of Jesus (Web)
Twelve Letters for New Christians (PDF) Stories of Jesus (PDF)