Curious (好奇)

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Plants need roots to uptake nutrients and water from the soil to live and grow.

Similarly, when we are seeking Christ, we build roots that absorb truth and life that maintains and nourishes our spiritual life. How do we do that?

Here are the “Clues Series” and “Signs Series” we use to encourage ROOTS students to learn more about God. We hope these clues and signs will guide your investigation in the case for God.

Does God exist? If so, how do I know?

What is God like? What does He do? What has He done?

How do I relate to God? Are there any connections between God and me?

How can I be part of God’s family?

You are about to start an investigation on God as a spiritual detective. Ready? Here we go!

Clues (Web Version) Signs (Web Version)
Clues (PDF Version) Signs (PDF Version)