Welcome to Roots!

Welcome to ROOTS, the English congregation of Calgary Truth Baptist. You’ll find us a safe place to search, stretch and give yourself away. That is, search for God, stretch spiritually and give yourself away in the grand adventure of helping others find God and follow Jesus.

Our leaders are Xiaoxia Li and Paul Johnson. Paul works as a CNBC team leader for the CNBC helping churches and pastors across Canada. He’s pastored ROOTS for 13 years. Xiaoxia is a real estate agent. Both are committed to help us grow spiritually.

If you live in Calgary, you’re welcome you to join ROOTS, both Sunday worship and our small groups. We meet here at 11 Sunday mornings.

If you’re outside of Calgary, no worries. Our growth section contains materials ROOTS uses to help you find out who God is, what He does, how to grow in Christ and become a DiscipleMaker. Most of our materials are in English. If you are interested in our Chinese congregation (Calgary Truth Baptist), please see: http://www.truthbaptist.org/